Trademark & Copyright Law

Every piece of writing, design, or code is valuable.

Trademark and Copyright law protects valuable creations and allows creators to benefit from their hard work.

These laws can also be dangerous without legal guidance.

Andrew Rozo provides everything that you need for success.



The most famous companies in the world are also undoubtedly the most recognized. Brands, logos, and marks are key aspects to any successful marketing plan. Owning a Trademark ensures exclusive use and maximum benefit from the mark, logo, or brand designed to identify a business. The process to acquire a Trademark, however, can be extremely complex. After acquisition, enforcement becomes the main issue. But, at times, infringement is a primary concern. In the end, reliable legal guidance throughout the process is a necessity.


Original writing, whether literature or computer code, is the result of hard work and creativity. A Copyright ensures that only the writer has any legal claim to the work. Although writings have automatic copyrights, having a registered copyright provides immovable protection. This legal device can prevent hard work from being stolen. But copyright law is also very technical and requires reliable legal advice to navigate and use successfully.

Andrew Rozo

How Andrew Rozo Helps

Andrew Rozo can provide all the necessary legal services to acquire a trademark or copyright. We know the process and we understand how important every detail of your business is. We also know the value of hard work and believe that creators deserve all the credit for their creations. After that, we will help protect your rights and enforce your trademark or copyright. In addition, we can help avoid any infringement issues and clarify when something is free to use. You can trust Andrew Rozo to help protect your hard work and your valuable brand.

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