Landlord-Tenant Law

Landlord-Tenant law and issues are stressful and complex.

Both landlords and tenants need reliable legal guidance to overcome any problem.

Andrew Rozo helps every step of the way…



Houses, Condominiums, Co-ops, and every type of Apartment all bring specific challenges. These issues often involve lease agreements and potential breaches. That can be avoided with professional drafting and reliable contracting. These problems can also be well taken care of by a creative lawyer who is comfortable handling disputes and navigating federal, state, and city landlord-tenant law.


Every business needs a place to operate. Commercial leases and rent agreements must be carefully crafted, negotiated, and reviewed. With so much stress already involved in business, the last thing one needs is a landlord issue. With so many things that can go wrong in a building, the last thing a commercial landlord needs is a tenant issue. Great legal guidance is the best investment to make in this area.

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How Andrew Rozo Helps

Andrew Rozo can provide all the legal services you need for any landlord-tenant issue. We know the housing laws well and we are great at contract review and negotiation. Our legal knowledge and attention to detail can help you to prevent issues or at least minimize their impact on your life. In addition, we can professionally create, tailor, and execute any lease or rental agreement you may need or want. We aim to make your life easier and your home a place where you can relax. Our experience even includes issues involving emotional support animals, service dogs, and Department of Buildings permit approval. Whatever the issue or concern, you can trust Andrew Rozo.

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