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Health Care law regulates clinics, hospitals, and medical professionals at all levels.

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There is no shortage of laws that regulate the health care industry. Moreover, they are all extremely important and constantly updating. A health care business needs great legal support to stay in compliance. A reliable lawyer can ensure that HITECH and HIPAA privacy standards are being met while the practitioners can attend to their patients.


Health care businesses and professionals, must deal with contracts. All Entity formation, equipment purchases, and any type of employment will require agreements. All contracts require reliable legal guidance and professional drafting to ensure that the Stark, Anti-Kickback, HIPAA, and other laws are not violated.

M & A

Medical clinics, hospitals, all types of practices may experience a merger and acquisition at some point. One of the most crucial parts of the transaction is your legal guidance and advice. Merger type transactions can be complex and contain endless details that must be thoroughly analyzed. Everyone can win, and a good lawyer will ensure that you do.

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Andrew Rozo can provide all the legal services your health business needs to thrive. We know what matters when it comes to entity formation, equipment purchase, health care compliance, and employment or independent contractor agreements. Moreover, we ensure that each and every aspect of the business is in perfect compliance with all federal, state, and local laws, such as HIPAA, as it operates. All contracts, policies, and documents are professionally made, tailored to unique business interests, and completely reliable. In addition, we can assist you on personal legal needs with the same reliability and professionalism. You can trust Andrew Rozo.

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Health Law Advice

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