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Many legal issues cannot fall neatly into a single area of law. This means that many real solutions require knowledge of various legal topics and industries.

Life is complex. Same goes for the law.

Andrew Rozo provides everything that you need for success.


Government Agencies

Legal problems often involve dealing with a government agency. This is the case for issues concerning unemployment; birth and death certificates; property renovations; immigration; and nearly anything you can think of. Working with a lawyer is the best way to navigate the bureaucracy and successfully resolve the issue.

Consumer Protection

Any purchase or agreement to purchase carries with it a risk of fraud or at least very stressful complications. You must ensure that you do not fall victim to a scam or end up having to pay an unreasonable debt. This can involve credit card debt, contract debt, or even a debt collection lawsuit. Work with a lawyer who can understand multiple industries and knows the federal and local consumer protection laws.

Andrew Rozo

How Andrew Rozo Helps

Andrew Rozo can provide all the legal services you need to thrive. We know what matters in life and can help resolve your legal issues. Every legal solution requires a professional plan and reliable guidance that we deliver. We will help you work with any government agency; overcome any fraud; and limit your liability as much as possible. In addition, we can help with personal and business contract needs with the same reliability and professionalism. You can trust Andrew Rozo.

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General Advice

New York Unemployment Insurance During COVID-19
Unemployment is stressful. Pandemics are stressful. The two together? Indescribable. But there are solutions for every problem.
Business Safety Plan for New York Forward
Business must keep up with the new laws to survive COVID-19. One of these laws in New York is having a Safety Plan.
New York COVID-19 Pandemic Laws
As the crisis continues, so does legislation. Federal laws about topics like unemployment benefits are constantly changing in response to the pandemic. Don't Fall behind.
Power of Attorney in New York State
A Power of Attorney is a convenient legal document that is extremely useful for most people as they age. With good legal guidance, it prevents future issues.
Health Care Proxy In New York State
A health care proxy is a major convenience in the most stressful times. Everyone should benefit from its limitless legal and medical value.
College Tuition & COVID-19
The Covid-19 pandemic has cost students much more than tuition. Time lost cannot be returned. Tuition, however, is a different story.
Business Insurance But No COVID-19 Coverage
Would Transformers (robots in disguise) buy life insurance or car insurance? If they were filing a claim for COVID-19 damage, it seems that they wouldn't be covered either way. Background In March of 2020, New York declared a state of emergency and ordered non-essential businesses to basically close. The order required that these businesses not have any in-person workers at their locations. The main effect of this was the explosion of virtual offices and digital …
Percy Class Action And Kernan – Help And Advice
Have you recently found out that you are involved in a Percy Class Action? Do you want answers and advice? Contact Andrew Rozo Now for Help.
Two Stories
Landlord and Tenant problems often have two sides, like a house with Two Stories. These issues are complex; judgment shouldn't be rushed.

Andrew Rozo
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