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Ensure that your wishes and interests are respected and protected. 

Advanced Planning involves important decisions, serious thought, and reliable legal guidance.

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A will is a powerful legal document that can control how assets are distributed after a person passes away. Wills can specify who gets what and how much. This legal document can provide the ultimate peace of mind, but it must be in strict compliance with the law to be effective. Therefore, wills require reliable legal guidance.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is the legal authority for one person to make decisions for another. Powers of Attorney are very convenient, but delicate, legal vehicles and can prevent unnecessary stress. The authority can also be professionally tailored to fit specific needs and placate any concerns.

Health Care

New York law provides for multiple advanced planning documents to help manage health care decisions. Certain documents can help control end-of-life care. Others can help guarantee that particular medical care is received. The correct documents and proper guidance can ensure a successful health care plan.

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How Andrew Rozo Helps

Andrew Rozo can provide all the legal services you need for complete advanced planning.  We know the rules when it comes to wills.  Our legal knowledge and attention to detail can help you to properly assign your assets and ensure that you take care of all your interests.  In addition, we can professionally create, tailor, and serve as an agent for any type of Power of Attorney that you may need or want.  We aim to make your life easier.  Finally, we can assist you with your advanced health planning and ensure that your plans are successfully executed.  You can trust Andrew Rozo with your life planning so that you can relax.

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Advanced Planning Advice

Health Care Proxy In New York State
A health care proxy is a major convenience in the most stressful times. Everyone should benefit from its limitless legal and medical value.
Power of Attorney in New York State
A Power of Attorney is a convenient legal document that is extremely useful for most people as they age. With good legal guidance, it prevents future issues.

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