About Me

MY Philosophy

The best way to solve a problem is to prevent it

The second best way is to solve it

I believe that no one wants to spend more time on an issue than they need to.  After all, time is much more than money.  My goal is to find solutions for my clients.  Every problem has unique facts that require thorough analysis, professional judgment, and intelligent creativity. 

Real solutions make life better because they are rare.  A solution is the good idea that actually fixes problems.  In a world with so many problems, solutions are not the average idea.  

Although suing is sometimes necessary, solutions are far more often the best way forward. 

Solutions are my philosophy.
Andrew Rozo portrait

I am a lawyer licensed in New York State and practicing in New York City. My legal experience ranges from commercial law to criminal law, including arguing cases in both civil and criminal courts.

My time working at non-profit legal service providers, private law firms, NYC unions, and the United States Department of Justice has given me a unique perspective on many legal issues.

I have helped my clients with various issues in many different areas of law. Whether the problem is a business partner, landlord, or government agency, I find solutions.

Andrew Rozo
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